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Multimedia Museum At Villa Torlonia

Date: Every Thursday in August
Timetables: 9:00 pm (guided tour) – 10:00 pm (Pascoli Emotions: sensory journey)
Guided tour: € 7.00
Sensory journey: € 15.00

The excursion
Villa Torlonia is located in the center of what were once the property of Ruggero, the father of the poet Giovanni Pascoli. Villa Torlonia together with Casa Pascoli is central to the poet’s poetry. Precisely in this place, in fact, on 10 August 1867, the faithful “starling mare” reported the poet’s father, murdered with a gunshot, returning from Cesena.
Visiting the Villa you will appreciate the meeting of culture, innovation and technology used to enhance the poetry of Giovanni Pascoli with a sensory journey. Here some spaces, set up with interactive workstations, allow you to explore the places of the poet’s heart, deepen their historical, artistic and gastronomic aspects, retracing the indissoluble link between Pascoli and his land.

It is advised to make bookings by Wednesday at 15:00 at the reception of your hotel.

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